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Our staff has been involved in digital and social media since the early days. We understand the nature of the ever-evolving digital media arena where the consumer is king and content is the medium. The experience we bring to the table ranges from local small businesses to National companies.

Success in digital today revolves around being the clear voice in a sea of noise. We work with local firms and organizations to create and manage that clear view through a strategy-first approach to digital and social media customized around their market.

This strategy-first approach is a very hands-on way of working, one that we believe provides you with the best and most real job. First, we’ll cooperate with you to provide an overall strategy with specific actionable tactics to help you reach your objectives. Once this strategy is in place, our team of digital managers and content creators will go to work bringing the plan to life.


Social Media Strategy and Management

We create social media strategies and management tactics that cultivate engaged communities united around a common cause – you.

Blog Strategy and Management

We create and manage content marketing and blogging strategies to bring value to your readers and help you be relevant in search.

Email Syndication Strategy and Management

We set up and manage email marketing programs that deliver targeted messages to your most loyal customers to inform and drive action.

Digital Campaign Strategy and Management

We create and manage digital campaigns that provide bursts of excitement to your digital communities that bring them together to create change and action.


Sandra Parker, Principal

As principal, Sandra brings more than 28 years of advertising, marketing and communications experience to the company. Empowered with impeccable work ethic, organizational skills and a proven track record of performing beyond established goals and expectations.  Her many years of experience came from hard work, commitment and never giving up. She is creative and enjoys formulating strategic solutions to complex business situations to drive business growth. With a clear focus and a great team, she can deliver record-setting results.  This kind of expertise is more important than ever and highly sought after.

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