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Prepare for Cold Season

Tips to Prepare for Cold Season with Maximum Living VitaSprout®and Solu-C® Supplements

As fall turns into winter, cold season is just around the corner. Each year, many people come down with colds because they don’t take care of themselves. Although many people think that coming down with a cold is inevitable, there are steps that you can take that can help to prevent you and your family from getting sick and to help lessen the effects.In addition to eating right and getting plenty of sleep, boost your immune system with extra help from Maximum Living VitaSprout®and Solu-C® Supplements.

  1. Eat well
    Eating a healthy diet is always important, but eating certain foods can help to boost your immune system. There isn’t one magical thing to eat to fight colds. Rather, eating a diverse diet can help. Probiotics found in yogurt, kefir and fermented foods are thought to protect the body against invaders by creating healthy bacteria in the gut. Spices, like tumeric, have anti-inflammatory products that fight against colds and are commonly used in Indian cuisine. Also look for fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C, like citrus fruits, red bell peppers, and broccoli.
  2. Take supplements
    No matter how well you eat, you are likely still missing out on essential nutrients that can help your body fight against colds. Maximum Living VitaSprout is a whole-food-based multi-vitamin and mineral supplement boasting a high-concentrate B-complex derived from a variety of natural vegetable sources. As a nutritional supplement, VitaSprout assists the body’s own defense system and boosts overall health.
    Another excellent supplement for the onset of cold season is Maximum Living Solu-C Capsules with Green Tea. This supplement combines the benefits of vitamin C-boosting citrus bioflavonoids, with green tea, which has been found to be another major source of antioxidants. Kelly Coppel, marketing communications manager for Maximum Living explains, “These powerful supplements are impactful in supporting overall health, bolstering the body’s immune function year-round, and are especially important during the emergence of winter when the body’s immune system can become compromised. Vita-Sprout and Solu-C Capsules both offer a proactive and natural approach to winter wellness.”
  3. Wash your hands
    It may sound obvious, but when cold season strikes, wash your hands often. Shaking hands, using public facilities, touching doorknobs and all the other things you do on a daily basis add up to a lot of contact with germs. Wash your hands frequently and often to prevent getting a cold from all the germs you come into contact with. It is also important to remember not to touch your face until after you’ve had a chance to wash your hands. And in a pinch, or if you shake a lot of hands, then you may want to carry around an antibacterial solution for in between hand washings.
  4. Get plenty of rest
    The body heals while you sleep. Make sure that aren’t running down your immune system by logging long hours. Instead, try to set a consistent sleep schedule so that you begin your day feeling refreshed rather than tired and worn-down already.
  5. Keep medicines to a minimum
    When you’re sick, it can be tempting to reach for anything and everything that a drugstore offers in an effort to feel better faster. But many of these medications have side effects. Instead, stick to eating well, taking supplements and getting plenty of sleep and taking an over-the-counter painkiller for aches and pains rather than the combo-pills that may treat symptoms you don’t have.
  6. Stay clean
    In addition to washing your hands, make sure that you keep your surroundings clean as well. Wash doorknobs, keyboards, phones, and cell phones and other things that you touch frequently on a daily basis, including the television remote control.
  7. Exercise—just enough
    Studies have found that people that exercise a moderate amount may prevent the risk of getting colds. Keeping up a regular routine and getting a moderate amount of exercise on a regular basis has been found to decrease the risk of catching a cold. However, exercising to the point of exhaustion or getting too much exercise at one time has actually been found to increase the risk of coming down with a cold. So exercise just right and don’t overdo it.
  8. Avoid areas or people that are sick
    It can be hard to get away from illness, but do the best you can. When taking care of sick kids, if you have kids, make sure that everybody is washing their hands on a regular basis. At work, try to avoid coming into contact with sick coworkers and try to stay home if you yourself become sick.

Taking care of yourself during cold season is a key way to prevent coming down with a cold. For some extra help, add Maximum Living VitaSprout®and Solu-C® Supplementsto your regimen.

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