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Skincare Consistency

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Skincare Consistency

Consistency is often the key for achieving desired results – whether we’re talking about exercise, work performance or even parenting.

For skin, it’s no different. Chalk it up to a busy schedule, one too many cocktails or just sheer laziness, but it’s not uncommon for one to “cheat” on their regular skincare regimen, from skipping crucial steps to foregoing the entire routine following a late night out.

What most people don’t realize is that skincare inconsistency can considerably affect the condition of skin, even if transgressions seem insignificant. One night of sleeping in full makeup may seem like no biggie, but since skin renews itself in the evening hours, this disruption can bring clogged pores, breakouts and skin irritation for the week thereafter.

Sticking to a stable morning and evening skincare regimen will not only help skin achieve the results you desire (clarity, youthfulness, glow), but also help maintain and defend against the issues you detest (acne, wrinkles, sun damage).

Consider the following to keep your skincare regimen on the straight and narrow:

Never cut out a core product.We get it. Skincare collections can seem overwhelming. While each product does have a specific purpose and value, if you have trouble finding time for consistent skincare, at least commit to the basics:  a cleanser that removes dirt and makeup, a moisturizer and an eye cream. To maximize time, our Control Gentle Facial Wash is strong enough to remove all facial impurities, but gentle enough to also remove stubborn eye makeup. Don’t start counting sheep without it!

Add (never subtract) skincare steps.It’s more important to remain consistent with a few skincare products than be inconsistent with a routine that contains several, but don’t underestimate the value of incorporating add-ons to benefit skin. If you’re feeling confident with a core product routine, try incorporating a mask two to three times per week. Relatively inexpensive and easy to apply, masks can go beyond the face – think arms, hands and tops of feet – and have amazing multitasking abilities that can produce instant results. Control’s Soothing Chamomile Eye Makeup Remover can also be a great P.M. addition. Finally, try to include in your skincare regimen a monthly esthetician visit to ensure your at-home care is on target for the season and its corresponding skin issues.

Rethink the time commitment. Probably the most common reason for skincare inconsistency we hear is “lack of time.” An effective skincare regimen typically takes 10 minutes…that’s just 20 minutes per day! Consider the time you spend on your smartphone each day, and prioritize the health of your complexion. Most of us are extremely busy and crave downtime; consider your skincare regimen not a chore, but relaxing “me time” that will have you feeling refreshed and renewed in more ways than one. Additionally, seek out an esthetician or spa that offers “express” treatments. This small time commitment will secure big improvements in the wellbeing and appearance of your skin.

When you work hard on behalf of your skin, it will return the favor!

Do you “cheat” on your skincare regimen? What helps you stay consistent?

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