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Applying Skincare Correctly

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Applying Skincare Correctly

Here at Control Corrective, we would never refer to skincare as “simple,” since skin type, skin conditions and skincare treatment plans are completely distinct to each person’s unique complexion and therefore require professional consultation for both diagnosis and management.

Even more, often the most arguably “simple” aspect of skincare – applying it correctly– is often botched in a big way.

The good news is, at-home skincare application isn’t rocket science, although it is absolutely crucial that you do it right for your skin to reach new heights.

Here’s a roundup of some of the most common skincare application mistakes, how to avoid them, and some basic tips on applying skincare products correctly – and in the right order – every time:

Avoid the Biggest Blunders

  • Using products not formulated for your skin type. At the very least, using products that aren’t appropriate or designed for your skin profile will be ineffective; more seriously, they can irritate skin and cause unsightly flare-ups. Always use products recommended by your esthetician, post-consultation.
  • Over-exfoliating. Exfoliation is crucial to renewing skin by way of removing dead cells. However when you over-strip skin of its protective barrier, it can become dehydrated and inflamed. Some complexions can handle daily, gentle exfoliation while others will cry out in protest. Know your skin type, and if you are getting too sensitized or dry from an exfoliator, cut back on the frequency of usage until it feels comfortable.
  • Not applying enough sunscreen every day. Sunscreen application is not just relegated to beach days. It should be applied everyday, and ideally reapplied every two to three hours during heavy sun exposure. Most adults need at least one ounce to cover all exposed areas of the body.
  • Skipping the toner. Toner not only helps remove excess oil, dirt and grime; it can also prevent further impurities from penetrating by shrinking pores.It additionally helps restore skin’s delicate pH balance.
  • Using dirty make up brushes. Not cleaning makeup brushes regularly will contaminate your makeup and your face with bacteria, dust and dirt. Breakouts will likely ensue, and possibly even serious infections. Spritz on a brush cleaner after each use, and deep clean once a week with baby (or gentle) shampoo.
  • Not washing hands before cleansing face. Dirty hands bring dirt and other bacteria straight to your pores. Always start with a clean slate.
  • Not applying sunscreen after washing hands. Sunscreen should be applied daily to all exposed areas, including those oft-forgotten hands. If you wash your hands regularly, you’ll need to reapply just as frequently.
  • Not cleansing face for long enough.Make sure you’re giving your cleanser enough time to do its job of removing dirt, oils and other contaminants by allowing at least 30 seconds to one minute of massage time.
  • Not drying face correctly after cleansing. Your facial skin is extremely delicate. Always pat – never rub – dry.
  • Not thinking beyond the face. Skin issues can be most prominent when they show up on your face, but breakouts, flaky dehydration and other problems can occur anywhere on the body. Give the rest of your epidermis the attention it deserves, or it may remind you in a less-than-subtle way.

Apply Correctly

  • Moisturizer: Use the “dab and tap” method. Gingerly dab and pat the product onto your face, starting from your T-zone and working outward towardyour neck and hairline. Then, use the tips of your fingers to pat and spread it to places that need extra attention.
  • Serum: A little goes along way. Use just a dime size amount, and gently apply to the face.

Cleanser: Make sure you are cleansing long enough (30 seconds to one minute!) with the correct cleanser for your skin type, and always pat dry.

  • Mask: Twice a week, apply enough mask to just evenly cover your face. Anything more is a waste. Leave on for the directed amount of time.

Tonic: Spray onto a cotton pad and gently apply to face.

  • Exfoliant: As mentioned above, adjust your frequency of usage based on your skin type. For some, daily, gentle exfoliation can offer a deeper cleanse with no downside, while others should stick to two to three times per week.

Apply in Order
Order of products for a morning and evening regimen is as follows: Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturizer, then Sunscreen (exceptat night). Mask at least twice per week.

Here’s to taking the mistakes out of your skincare regimen!

What skincare application gaffes are you guilty of? 

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