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Addressing Specific Skin Concerns

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Addressing Specific Skin Concerns

Probably since you were an adolescent, you’ve known your skin type. Whether your complexion can be characterized as oily, dry or sensitive, chances are, you gravitate toward skincare products that are designed to address that specific category. 

While that’s all fine and good, it’s important to remember that skincare is not a one-size-fits-all situation, and your unique skin profile is much more complex than a one-word descriptor.

In fact, most of us struggle with skin issues that aren’t always skin-type specific, such as wrinkles, acne or sun damage, so it’s important to go deeper with our skin diagnosis in order to create a more effective daily skincare regimen.

Make sure to see an esthetician for a complete skin analysis to see what specific skin issues you struggle with and what corresponding at-home care products are recommended.

We’ve compiled some of the most common skin concerns that can affect ALL skin types and some tips for their management here:

Skin Concern: Hyperpigmentation
Skincare Product You Should be Using:Serums. Designed to focus on multiple actions – from anti-aging to skin brightening – these skin enhancers contain high concentrations of active elements so they penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Control’s Crystal C Serum, ideal for all skin types, delivers a combination of stable Vitamin C and hydrating Aloe Vera to brighten and moisturize skin, while simultaneously calming stimulated skin cells that can produce more pigmentation-causing melanin.
Skincare DO: Wear sunscreen daily and reapply often to avoid further damage. Also, incorporate Vitamin C-rich foods into your diet, such as kiwifruit, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, strawberries, papaya, blackcurrants, cranberries and green leafy vegetables.
Skincare DON’T: Never pick pimples! Improperly fussing with acne can be one of the worst culprits of skin scarring and pigment changes.

Skin Concern: Wrinkles
Skincare Product You Should be Using:Daily sunscreen, serum and an anti-aging moisturizer. A powerful Control combination? Apply EGF Serum 30, which contains human conditioned fibroblast media coupled with liposome technology designed to relieve the skin of lines, wrinkles and pigment irregularities; let dry; then apply Anti-Wrinkle Face & Neck Cream, an advanced cocktail of high-performance ingredients that help stimulate collagen synthesis; finish with yourControl SPF 30 sunscreen of choice.
Skincare DO: Wear sunscreen daily and reapply often, and sustain a healthy diet and regular exercise, which can help boost collagen production.
Skincare DON’T: Avoid harsh products that can irritate or dry out skin, as aging skin can be more sensitive.

Skin Concern: Dry Skin
Skincare Product You Should be Using:A gentle cleanser, hydrating serum and moisturizer. Be sure to avoid over-stripping skin by starting your skincare regimen witha mild cleanser like Control’s Sensitive Skin Cleansing Milk, which contains moisturizing lipids and actually fortifies skin’s ability to retain healing moisture. Follow with a deep-penetrating serum like Control’s Cellular Repair Serum, a moisture-packed yet non-greasy formula; and finish with a moisturizer that’s ideal for thirsty skin, like Control’s Hydrant Stabilizer.
Skincare DO: Wear sunscreen daily and reapply often, and drink plenty of water to moisturize skin from within. Also, cleanse skin with lukewarm instead of hot water, which can zap natural moisture.
Skincare DON’T: Never over-exfoliate skin to avoid further dehydration. Stick to two to three times per week.

Skin Concern: Acne
Skincare Product You Should be Using:A tonic, a spot treatment and a clay mask. Protect skin against acne-causing bacteria with a complete cleansing process that includes a gentle tonic like Control’s Balancing Tonic, which removes all traces of makeup, dirt and oil without stripping skin of essential moisture. To sizzle and dissolve existing blemishes, follow with a spot treatment like Control’s Acne Spot Treatment on all affected areas. Absorb excess oil and soothe irritation with a clay mask like Control’s Sulfur Calming Mask at least once a week to help keep breakouts at bay.
Skincare DO: Be sure to always cleanse your face morning and night, and change your pillowcase regularly!

Skincare DON’T: Never wear your makeup to bed, don’t pick pimples and avoid aggressive cleansing, which will over-dry skin.

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