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5 Anti Aging Skincare Ingredients

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5 Anti Aging Skincare Ingredients

It’s no secret we live in a youth-obsessed society, which has most of us forever searching for that elusive “fountain” that promises a return to the taut, glowing skin we were blessed with in teenage-hood.

But what’s even more puzzling than finding a mythical beauty bath is deciphering the ingredients on today’s most popular anti-aging skincare products.

When you aren’t well versed in the science of skincare, the back of your facial moisturizer can read like a lost language.

To let you in on the skincare secret, we’ve compiled a “Cliffs Notes-style” cheat sheet for some of the most important ingredients in anti-aging skincare.

Here’s the 4-1-1 on five actives you’ll likely find in your favorite formulas:

  • Peptides. Short chains of amino acids (the basic building blocks of proteins) that are readily and rapidly absorbed by the bloodstream, peptides support the forever young fight by stimulating the pituitary gland to produce increased natural secretions of the human growth hormone. Different peptides – and their unique combinations – provide distinct skin benefits, including enhanced circulation, increased oxygen supply, improved strength and stimulation of collagen and elastin, and even mild UV protection. When used consistently, peptide-based products can produce visible results in two to four weeks. Found in: Control Anti-Wrinkle Face & Neck Cream; Firming Tri-Peptide Serum; Anti-Aging Lotion with Peptides
  • Glycolic Acid. This sweet little dead skin cell eliminator is an alpha hydroxy acid derived from cane sugar. Easily penetrating, glycolic acid cleans house by dissolving the substances that bind cells together, so that accumulated dead sludge that leaves skin looking dull, discolored and uneven can be easily swept away. Glycolic exfoliation not only restores radiant, even-toned skin, it also stimulates the generation of new, healthy, live layers of skin and produces collagen. When used daily, glycolic acid-fueled formulas should produce results in a few weeks. Found in: Control Smoothing Repair Gel (among others)
  • Lactic Acid. Much like milk “does a body good,” this milk-derived natural alpha hydroxy acid does well by skin, too, stimulating collagen production and promoting cell turnover. Hydrating and softening, lactic acid can also help remove age spots by eliminating the chemical bonds that hold tight to dead skin cells. When used daily, lactic acid-fueled formulas should produce results in a few weeks. Found in: Control Smoothing Repair Gel; Lactic-C Firming Cream; Anti-Wrinkle Face & Neck Cream (among others)
  • Retinols.Commonly known as Vitamin A, this anti-aging alpha product is considered to be the gold standard in treating photo-aged skin. Acting as a go-between among cells, this “communicator” ingredient encourages aging cells to continue the renewal process and regenerate collagen and elastin to prevent the appearance of aging. Different types of retinoids can be found as active ingredients in anti-aging skincare products, including retinol palmitate, retinol and retinaldehyde. When using a clinical-strength retinol product, its collagen-boosting capability will have skin feeling tighter and firmer in as little as two weeks. Found in: Control Anti-Aging Lotion with Peptides; Lactic C Firming Cream; Retinol C Serum (among others)
  • Hyaluronic Acid. A naturally occurring hydrator that can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, hyaluronic acid helps maintain youthful skin by keeping cells “plump” with moisture. Unfortunately, the body decreases production with age. The youth-boosting ingredient is often used in cosmetic fillers to recreate the dewy, pillow-y skin texture of younger years, but one needn’t go under the needle to reap its benefits. Regular use of a serum or moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid will result in softer, smoother and more hydrated skin. Found in: Control Cellular Repair Serum

Here’s to having a better understanding of the ingredients that benefit our skin!

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